Lilash - Review

Lilash is a well known eyelash enhancement product designed to increase length and volume of your eyelashes. Its manufacturer, Cosmetic Alchemy, has gained good reputation due to producing and selling cosmetics and other topical beauty products. The popularity of the company and its products are the result of numerous healthy advantages they can deliver to their customers.

The positive effect is primarily based on the package’s contents. The major natural ingredients are: purified water, extract of Lupinus Albus Seed, extract of Prunus Amygdalus Seed, silica and others. They have been selected to promote hair growth, improve moisturizing, strengthen and nourish eyelashes, as well as prevent breakage. When combined together, their healthy effects are multiplied.

Along with multiple natural ingredients, the product contains as mentioned on - eyelash growth serum - numerous chemicals compounds as well, including Glycerin, Isopropyl Ester, Colloidal Silver, Phenoxyethanol and many others.
Their mission is to stimulate hair growth chemically. Additionally, Lilash protects eyelashes and makes them less brittle. This feature makes the product prominent, as growth stimulation is based on preservation of all healthy qualities your lashes already possess.

Lilash is a really easy-to-use eyelash enhancement product. All you need to do is just to apply it on your upper lash line like you would do with your liquid eyeliner. The consumption is rather low: you can use one tube for about six months. So this is a really cost-effective eyelash enhancement solution.
Let’s take a closer look at major benefits you can get from using Lilash.

When women choose an eyelash product, they are usually concerned about whether it has side effects or causes irritations. With Lilash, you may rest assured that there will be fewer annoying allergic reactions as compared to other available products, even if you have sensitive eyes or skin.

Additionally, you can expect soon results – already within 4-6 weeks, if you will use Lilash continuously and in compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
Note also, that Lilash serves as both an eyelash growth stimulator and an eyelash conditioner.

As for the product’s drawbacks, we should mention some too. The first negative factor that many prospective customers may notice is the price. This is not a cheap product; however, the money you invest will pay off for sure.

Unfortunately, some side effects have been reported by former users. Due to Phenoxyethanol present in this formulation, eye area irritations, itching or redness are still possible. They are easy-to-treat though: just flush your eyes with water and avoid getting the product to your eyes. Casual swelling or upper lid eyelash discoloration have also been reported.
Along with numerous positive opinions posted on the Internet, you can find also some negative ones from unsatisfied users.

Overall, you should give Lilash a chance, if you feel comfortable with its price.